Paulo & Susana Costa


We are from Brazil, serving as missionaries in Africa. We got married in Sep 2014 and come back to serve one more year at Afrika wa Yesu, while transitioning into a new season of our lives. After we have our first baby in January next year, we will move to a city called Quelimane, Zambezia province, in order to cooperate with a group of pastors from different denominations.
Our vision is to help them to start a pre-school in the city of Quelimane, and another in a near island called Inhasunge. We will also help these pastors and their churches in Bible teaching, prayer meetings, discipleship, etc. Paulo was born in 1980 in a Christian family. He graduated in a law school and worked as an attorney for 5 years in Brazil. He was away from God’s paths and after an almost deadly car accident, decided went back to God and follow His will and purpose. Went to a mission trip to Haiti and in 2013 went to Mozambique for the first time.
Susana was born in 1982 in Brazil, granddaughter of American missionaries in Brazil. She graduated at CFNI in 2001, went to Mozambique in 2002. Today she is a executive coordinator for the ministry team, also got involved in establishing a pre-school and literacy programs at the villages.

When you are able to be there when they use the kit, reconnect them