Missions Trip Reviews 15/16

Missions Trip Reviews 15/16
November 27, 2016 Trinity Missions


Mission Trip - Nicaragua

The trip to Nicaragua was absolutely amazing! We worked alongside missionaries supported by TrinityA�Church. It was just absolutely amazing to see all the work that they do and all the lives they touch every single day. WeA�gotA�to feed hundreds of children at the children’s feeding center and also to be a part of the top show that Noemi has every Saturday morning. There’s no words to explain how honored I felt to be part of a church that supports missions like this.
Some of the children we ministered to will only have as food that one meal they had at the feeding center. We sat there and watched those kids come in, eat and leave… in less than five minutes it’s all over.
To see how this farm is teaching kids to be successful by teaching them to farm and to sew let me speechless. Watching these children attend to prayer every morning at 6 AM sharp until 7 AM and watch them coming to church on the Sunday morning with muddy feet, washing their feet in the water faucet before go to service and later on watch these kids drink from the same water (that so dirty and brown) just broke my heart.
This trip has forever changed the way I think, the way I see things and last but not least make me so happy for being part of a church that pours into people. I thank Pastor Steve Boyer, Mark Hennesy for being such great leaders and for making this trip to Nicaragua.
This trip was truly a blessing and I will never forget.
I’ve been on many trips many missions trips but this trip was far the best trip I’ve been on. (Nancy Molina)

Mission Trip - Fortaleza, Brazil

Our Trinity Church team is back from Brazil, but we still have some more stories, photos, and testimonies from this amazing missions trip.A�Last Sunday was their last service in Brazil. In the morning they visited the Yellow House Church in Iparana, and at night Pastor Jeremy preached in the MEVAM Church in Fortaleza. During the service, the youth from Trinity had a special moment with testimonies to speak a little about what God did in their lives in these days in Fortaleza. Part of the team went to minister at the Kadosh Church with Pastor MardA?nio. Unforgettable moments will be forever in the minds and hearts of each friend from Trinity Church.


Mission Trip - July 2015

Paul said in Corinthians that a great effectual door has been opened and great is the adversary. Today, God is restoring justice and peace in our city through the bold efforts of our mayor and the presidency of DIF. These ladies were “groomed in the upper room” to transform a major city of Mexico.A� Across the city there are billboards that say, a�?ACTIONS THAT TRANSFORM!a�?

On our more than 60 church construction projects and school projects, we have often times been face to face with the same BEAST (opposition to the gospel) Paul said he faced in Ephesus. InA�other cities, locals have cut our tent ropes, demolished our electrical service with bats, tried to frighten the night guard with guns, stole our signs, and thrown rocks at us .

However, the opportunity in Matamoros is the first time we are able to work in full partnership the city officials for to advance biblical values, transformation, and hope to a city rebounding from border violence.A� It is believed by many that this is the spark to a nationwide revival!!

To know more about the ministry in Matamoros, visitA�www.legacymissions.com

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